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Jambah Kollie, Esq.
Business, Entertainment, Employment, & Immigration Attorney

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Providing legal support to businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, entertainers, families & individuals 



We work with small to mid-sized businesses in ensuring that they have the proper legal foundation and brand protection. We utilize legal tools such as contracts, trademarks, and copyrights to protect your brand identity, and offer general to complex risk management services to limit exposure and ensure compliance.


We work closely with musicians, producers actors and actresses, filmmakers, writers, models, content creators, influencers, artists and illustrators alike to ensure they are entering deals and forming business relationships that not only make sense for their careers, but that also boost their visibility. We draft, review, and negotiate contracts, and leverage trademark and copyright registration to help creatives protect their intellectual creativity.


We serve businesses and individuals in employment and employment-based immigration matters. We advise businesses on both federal and state labor, employment, and contract laws, and coach business leaders in best practices.


On the immigration side, we focus primarily on work visas, adjustments of status/green card applications, and petitions for citizenship.


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